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Due to my broad experience and my technical expertise I I can act as a reliable partner in different areas of Interim Management and Business Consulting. My personal ambition is to create measurable and sustainable added value in all my assignments.

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From personal experience I know when managers get the suggestion from HR to hire Interim Manager resources the reaction is skepticism. Interim Managers are expensive, they need to be trained and as soon as they deliver value they are gone.

That´s how I felt for a long time as well, but then had to go through the painful learning process that vacancies that drag on longer than a couple of weeks create lasting damage and thereby create high process and opportunity cost. Even an inadequate hand-over can throw teams back by month. Another risk of a vacancy in a leadership position is the loss of further associates that feel left alone or overburdened. This collateral damage in today’s labor market can create significant costs. Another factor to consider is that existing processes are no longer or no longer fully maintained due to lack of resources and time. Especially in the area of compliance significant risks can arise that are most of the time only captured during year end close by the auditors. In the area of reporting often the reports continue to be distributed but the data quality slowly and unnoticed deteriorates without proper maintenance. Often, this is only noticed when the results are clearly not reflecting the business reality. In short, an Interim Manager is not cheap, but a vacancy is more expensive. Believe me, I know!

Due do my broad experiences during my career from Financial Analyst to Group CFO, I can eliminate the above-described risks. And due to my diverse experience with different sized businesses with different cultures, I have seen many best practices and can create trust in teams by reflecting these benchmarks to them.

What do I mean by with value-add? It is my desire not only to keep the chair warm in an interim assignment but to use the transition phase to preserve the good and improve on what needs improvement to create lasting value-add.

In order to achieve this, I use my “Quick Start Modul” from my Toolkit. This consists of several tried and tested tools that I have developed over my 11 different positions that help me to shorten the onboarding phase. Core to the toolkit is a standardized questioner coupled with individual interviews of all relevant employees and managers, the composition of a mind map to visualize complex interconnections and the preparation of a presentation to set specific deliverables based on this analysis. Once this is completed, I create a methodically build, determined, measurable and time lined action plan. This ensures a measurable value-add and ROI.

Once a permanent successor is hired, another advantage of Interim Management comes into play. An in-depth onboarding of the successor without time pressure is possible and thereby creates a strong foundation for the new employee to succeed leading to a higher probability of retention. And even after the end of the assignment I am still available for further training on an hourly or daily basis. My Aftercare Promise algins with my desire to create sustainable value-add.

In summary, why hire an interim manager to breach the gap?

Because it allows for the elimination of process and compliance risk and avoids undesired opportunity costs.

Why me as an interim manager?

Because sustainable value-add is my core value proposition. The client doesn’t only get someone to keep the seat warm with me but someone who is determined to leave a better finance department than he found and will even engage after the assignment on an hourly or daily basis to ensure sustainment.

Lets explore how your business can benefit from my Interim Management Services.

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Max Solutions is the expert you will work with not an agency. This offers many advantages for you as a customer. The opportunity is to connect on a personal level before your decision not only evaluate professional expertise but also personal fit. This is a major advantage over the traditional agency model as most agencies only recruit their pool based on technical skills. Being able to evaluate the cultural fit to your organization ensure success. Summing up, Iif you are looking for an Interim Manager, you will find an experienced partner in me.

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The costs for an Interim Manager can vary greatly and depend on various factors. The size of the company and the complexity of the project are key. The larger and more complex the company and the projects are, the higher the costs will usually be. The duration of the project is another factor. Contact me to get an estimate.

Still questions about the topic?


Do you still have questions about Interim Management? In my FAQ section on the home page, I explore and elaborate on the topic for you. What does Interim Management stand for? What are the deliverables of an Interim Manager and for which companies and projects is it worthwhile to hire one