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One toolkit, many proven tools – you too can benefit from the Max Solutions Toolkit principle and improve internal processes and workflows, increase your planning accuracy and reduce your costs.

Max Solutions Toolkit simple and effective solutions

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It is a toolkit composed of different analytical tools that I have built for myself over the years and that have proven successful in all my assignments. The unique thing about it is that all analyses are built on each other and therefore unit to a homogenous system. My approach “from transaction to management presentation in one tool” improves the analysis and planning capabilities substantially and creates an unprecedented level of transparency. Through the “Zoom In / Zoom Out Effect” it is possible to answer management questions in real time. In addition to this, precise target setting, and measurement becomes possible. Every tool on its own adds value and covers a sub process but when combined a “Unified Data Model” is created that can create transactional level transparency around all Actuals, Targets and Budgets

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Standardized questionnaire, one-on-one interviews with employees and relevant managers, mind-map and presentation of findings, action plan creation

Homogeneous reporting for planning and analysis of headcount and employee related costs

Cost center planning based on a standardized template using the bottom-up method

Transactional database for actual cost analysis

Automated comparison of target / actual costs and full year planning

Bottom-up orders database based on Excel for actual and target figures

Bottom-up backlog database based on Excel for forecasting revenue recognition dates

Bottom-up sales and margins database based on Excel creating transparency on historic revenues and margins

Full monthly P&Ls with Actuals & Forecast

Real-time bottom-up analysis of budgeted vs. actuals & automated upload bridge to Reporting Systems

Analysis of full year balance sheet including forecast

Direct cash flows including full year planning for accounts receivable & accounts payable

Analysis tool capturing the entire account reconciliation process including heat map for root cause analysis on process break downs